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[-] WOD “Valentines Day”

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[-] WOD “Valentines Day”

“Happy Valentine’s Day WOD” 2:14


Partner up with your spouse if possible!

SKILLWORK: Snatch or Thruster. Find a heavy set of 3: 3x3x3x3x3

“The Break-up”

Death by Body Blasters

*at the same time, each member will do 1 body blaster the first minute, then 2 reps in the 2nd minute, and 3 in the 3rd until the first person fails. Score is by the first person in the pair to fail.

5 minute Rest after everyone is finished

“The Make-up”

The true couples in the gym will be required to “peck” before the start of the round. If you are partnering as friends with the same or opposite gender you can hug or high five J Partners can break up the work however they want. One partner working at a time. Partner A may only work while partner B is holding a plank hold. If partner B has to break on the plank hold Partner A must stop working.

Both partners begin the wod carrying a “heavy heart” (25 pound plate) during a 400 meter run. Partners may switch the plate on the run as needed. The person who isn’t carrying the plate must run backwards. This will occur at the end of the wod as well.

Partner A works while Partner B holds a plank. Switch as needed:

2 rds of:

14 walking lunges with “heavy heart” over head, arms in locked out position (plate:45/25)
14 Pushups

14 weighted heart Situps (#25)

14 weighted heart Situps (#25)
14 Ring Rows

14 Mountain climbers (2-ct)
14 Jumping jacks
14 Air Squats holding plate straight out, arms parallel (#25)
14 Toes to bar

14 partner facing burpees (similar to bar facing burpees but instead of jumping over the bar you jump over your partner who is holding the plank)

14 Ring dips
14 Hang cleans (135/95)
14 Push press (135/95)

14 Double unders
14 KBS (70/55)

Don’t forget to end your make up session with a 400M run with your heavy heart! Partners switching as needed (#25)

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